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There are about 5 national registered agents. We are the smallest legitimate nationwide registered agent service. Still we provide more services that others will charge extra for. We don’t charge forwarding fees for service of process. We scan your documents locally into your online account. We have the same price every year. We don’t try to sell you add-ons to your registered agent service. We track your Secretary of State and Corporation Commission report dates in your online account and send you email reminders. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee of our registered agent services.
Our registered agent service gives you access to our resource section in your online account. We dedicate one full time paralegal to researching the best information about making filings in each State you may need registered agent service for.

If you need registered agent service in multiple States, you can always add service in your online account and gain access to the resource section for that State immediately. You’ll find all the forms you need to file and good filing instructions on the cheapest and quickest way to make the filings with the State you need. As your States grow, so does your discount. We appreciate your continued business and extend a discount to our clients that keep using our registered agent services.

We understand you have choices for registered agent service. There are a bunch of registered agent services that mark up the service of other registered agents. We provide registered agent service in any State under our own legal name. We appreciate the opportunity to serve as your registered agent, and will gladly answer any questions you may have about registering in whatever State you may need.

I think you’ll find that the amount of included services that other registered agents charge extra for will be a cost savings to you. If you would like to discuss any questions you may have, please give us a call or email. When you sign up for service here online, it establishes your online account with us, and gives you access to what you need immediately. Our registered agent service is $125.00 a year per State for 1-3 States, 4-9 States is $115.00 per year per State, and once you get to 10 States, it drops to $100.00 per year.

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