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Registered Agent In Louisiana Info

Let me tell you about getting a registered agent in Louisiana.

Several companies are on the Internet furnishing Louisiana registered agent services. From the biggest of the impersonal and most expensive to the littlest, inexperienced local start-ups, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to designating your Louisiana registered agent. We’re not too big and we’re not too small. Our desire is to help you pick the registered agent that is just right for your Louisiana company.

Describe the responsibilities of a typical Louisiana registered agent?

A statutory agent in Louisiana provides a legitimate address where someone is available during typical business hours. Your registered agent is responsible to accept delivery of service of process and legal documents for your business and then deliver this paperwork on to you. In addition, your registered agent will remind you about important filing due dates like annual report forms and other renewals. Your agent can also check to see to it that your company is compliant with Louisiana business codes.

How can having a resident agent help my company?

Most importantly, appointing a registered agent keeps your company in adherence of state law. Furthermore, we accept delivery of and scan any legal notice, service of process, letter, or annual report received into your client account locally here in Louisiana. You receive immediate notification of any paperwork scanned into your Louisiana resident agent client account.

As an added service, we also track your Louisiana annual report due date and forward you prompts with how-to links to file your report before your due date with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Can I get in trouble if I fail to maintain or don’t have a registered agent in Louisiana for my company?

There can be repercussions for failing to maintain your registered agent in Louisiana. Fees may or may not be assessed. Louisiana may revoke your corporate or LLC legal status if you fail to maintain your registered agent.